Abrasion resistant, white.


Passenger lift, 8 stops, suitable for people with reduced mobility and orientation. Hydraulic car lift, parking stacker, entrance gate, remote control, scrolling entrance gate.

Sanitary fittings:

Plastic water piping, water meters in each flat, fixtures and fittings – lever mixers (bathtubs, basins, showers), chrome shower sets, white plastic bathtubs and bassinettes, white ceramic basins, chrome water seals. Suspended white ceramic toilets, concealed flush tanks, controlled on the wall.


Gas meters in each flat.


Boilers in each flat. Heating piping in copper, panel radiators with thermostatic valve, floor convectors in the living room, ladder radiators in bathrooms and toilets. Baxi Boilers with hot water tank.


Ventilation of bathrooms and toilets - radial ventilators. Ventilation of the parking, preparation for the ventilation of kitchens. Preparation for the fitting of air condition in flats 601, 602, 701. Parking ventilation, detector of CO, light board.

Electricity - heavy-current:

Power panels, fixtures in common areas and in the bathrooms, toilets and hallways of the flats. Firing up of the floors in toilets and bathrooms. Heating distribution in copper. Preparation for electro meters in each flat.

Electricity - weak-current:

Combined television aerial, antenna for reception of terrestrial channels and parabolic antenna for satellite reception, placed on the roof of the building. Television, satellite and radio plug in each room. Telephone connection, socket in each room. Internal video telephone, panel with camera, rings and voice module by the entrance of the building. Internal video telephone in each flat with a button for control of the lock.


Preparation for the fitting of kitchen units (only water, sewage connections and electricity 220V).



The house is built in the gap between existing buildings. The building includes residential and commercial spaces, cellar units on the ground floor and in the basement, and parking in the basement. The building will have one basement and seven floors and will be connected to sewage, water, gas, and electricity.

Vertical structure:

Reinforced concrete, ceramic walls.

Horizontal structure:

Reinforced concrete ceilings.

Interior surfaces:

Ceilings – ceiling treatment, plastering, insulating plaster, wall insulation.

Exterior surfaces:

Insulation system Orsil, extruded polystyrene, white plaster.

Floors in flats:

Flaster floors, levelling anhydrite screeds.

Lower ceilings in flats:

Plasterboard in bathrooms and toilets.


Interior windowsills, wooden Euro windows, double glazing, in the colour of the facade. Entrance doors to the flats - security and fire resistant. Fittings: handle – knob, eyelet. Interior doors full and plain, lined frame, fittings.


Cellar units, post boxes, and cleaning zone in the entrance of the building – all situated in the common areas of the building.


Ceramic tiles 10x10cm – bathrooms and toilets, utility room in the flats.


Ceramic tiles 10x10 cm – bathrooms and toilets (fitted to the level of the lower ceiling).


Rooms, bamboo parquet - 17mm thick.